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Bring It On, 2021…Introducing *NEW* HUBBLE Humidification, an Ultra Sleek & Modern Solution to Your Winter Blues.

Allow us to introduce HUBBLE Humidification – our very own humidifier developed by us to specifically address the need for more powerful humidification in larger humidor cabinets. HUBBLE already has many satisfied customers across the country, and could be just what your humidor is missing. We invite you to check out  our HUBBLE page to learn more about our machine. Feel free to contact us for pricing and for any questions you might have.

Rubber Pipe Clips Now Available

pipe-clip-b                          img_3051

Universal One Inch Clip with Screw used for Pipe Displays or Boards
$15.00 per dozen
Wholesale Pricing Available for minimum order of 50 dozen
Create you own Display or Call us and we’ll design one for you!